Vehicle Release Procedure

If Southside Towing has towed/impounded your vehicle and you wish to reclaim it, the following information is needed.

Your Valid Driver's License matching the vehicle's CURRENT registration
Your vehicles CURRENT registration.
Vehicle Keys.
IF you are NOT the registered owner of the vehicle, you will need to fill out a VEHICLE RELEASE FORM. (below)

If your vehicle was impounded in the city of Fullerton (714-738-6715), you need to get a release form from the Fullerton Police Department to reclaim your vehicle PRIOR to coming to Southside Towing.

Legally we are not able to release a vehicle unless all conditions are met.
Cash, credit/debit cards are our only forms of payment accepted.

All Orange County Sheriff impounds must be notarized unless release form is filled out in person at a SouthSide-Towing Office.