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Southside Towing is a proud official AAA provider. All our drivers are certified through AAA and are very knowledgeable with handling all the new technological advances with today’s vehicles.


We provide special rates to companies that set up an account with us to provide them with all their towing needs. Our pricing is very competitive and our response times are the best in the industry.


SIGNAGE The California Vehicle code states that the owner of the property is responsible for legal signage on their property. We understand that not everyone knows the legal technicalities for signage regarding towing laws. If you choose, Southside Towing can help guide you through the process and make sure all your signs are compliant with CVC 22658 (a) (1) and replace at no charge all signs throughout the property that need replacing either by being faded, graffiti, or not up to legal standards. This is at no charge to you.

PAINTING Southside Towing has the ability to paint faded fire lanes throughout property and stencil faded or add new parking stall lines. (We can not add non existing fire lanes unless approved by the local fire department.)

PERMITS Southside Towing will provide permits at no charge. We can do all styles and custom permits.